Great instruction, super teachers and all at a very fair price. Learned much in a
short period of time, all that I’ll be putting to use in shortly. The Easy Pay as
you go plans made it possible for me and my friends to take advantage of a
wonderful learning opportunity. Plenty of practice and very informative
instructors and supporting study guides made the whole process a lot of fun.
Thanks for conducting these classes for members of our community.
❖ A. Reihner – Canonsburg, PA

Like to compliment WSC and their staff for their patience and professionalism for
helping all of us develop our Professional Bartender skills. Looking to work at
the nearby casino or maybe in the South Hills and knew that I would need
professional training to make the leap. Joined the program and can say that I’m
completely satisfied with all that I learned. The instructors and the instruction
couldn’t have been better. We practiced so much that you couldn’t help but learn
all those drink recipes. The workbooks that came with the course, along with the
interviewing workshop were quite informative and really improved my confidence. I
feel good about everything and am excited to sample the the opportunities that are
available to me. Thank-you again for your help.
❖ S. Caldwell – Claysville, PA

Got a job at the Youghiogheny Country Club directly upon graduation from the Wines,
Steins and Cocktails Professional Bartender School and Wine Academy. The
instruction was thorough and I learned a lot in a short period of time. The Club
that I am employed at is absolutely beautiful. In addition to my regular bartender
duties, I’m also doing a lot of formals, weddings, birthday, and anniversary
events. I feel relaxed and confident behind the bar, and feel the same when I do
the setups for special events. I’m thankful for the confidence that my instructors
and all the training sessions instilled in me. Found the instructional manuals and
related materials that I received in the course to be more than sufficient for the
level of skills that I need to perform on the job. Future looks bright. Thank-you
for your assistance. I will continue to recommend your programs to others who
would like to learn the Professional Bartender Trade.
❖ T. Perry – Mckeesport, PA

I’m writing you this note to say thanks for the great training in Professional
Mixology. Well worth the time and money, and a whole less than other programs
charge. The bottom line, I made more money in just 3 shifts of work than it cost
to take your course. Recently, I’ve been working as a Professional Bartender for
the Gateway Clipper Fleet that sails the Three Rivers, but I’m heading to the
beaches in South Carolina this Fall. Visited there several times and even met
another bartender that your organization had trained. He’s working with crowds
that approach 700 people a night and is making big money. After sizing up my
competition, I’m confident that I can make the move and really do a great job.
❖ D. Spadaccino – Monroeville, PA

Terrific program. The actual practice and review sessions were outstanding. I was
able to put my skills to immediate use at several private clubs in the Pittsburgh
❖ J. Hardy – Pittsburgh, PA

I participated in the 44-Hour Program that included the TIPS and Flair-Master
Bartender training as well. Made use of the easy pay as you go plan, very
helpful. Got a job immediately after completing your course, working as both a
bartender and as a banquet and events bartender. Found myself very well prepared
for all positions while working at the Harmar House in Verona. Your instructors,
their teaching methods, and all the practice sessions were excellent. I’m pleased
with my experience and have highly recommended your program to others.
❖ J. Shaffer – Oakmont, PA

The Professional Bartender Program I just completed proves that you can learn lots
and still have fun in the process. Firstly, the instructors were so knowledgeable
of their trade and the beverage industry in general. Since they’ve all owned
businesses, they taught our class over and above what we need to know to work
successfully as Professional Mixologists. Drink-making creativity, speed-pouring,
classic & signature cocktails, customer service and tip-making savvy, how to run a
profitable bartender event service, and an entire workshop on power interviewing.
Secondly, everything was presented entirely in a hands-on fashion. We mixed
drinks constantly during every session and did a lot of review each class before
moving on to new material. Thirdly, the instructors answered all questions that
the class put forth and offered to extra assistance before and after each session.
I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience and the outcome. I’m confidently on
my way to a new career. Kudos to WSC.
❖ D. Marcy – Arnold, PA