The over all quality of the Professional Bartender Hospitality Training Program was
excellent. Because the instructors own businesses of their own and really stress a
lot of hands-on practice, it made everything interesting and easy to learn. The
school is well equipped and the business has been in existence for 30 years. Their
reputation is why I took this class in particular and I am most pleased with the
outcome. In addition to the fine training that I received, I was also taught how
to interview effectively for all types of positions, including working in casinos
and on cruise ships. I was also coached on how to run an event bartender service
of my own. My confidence level is high and I’m proud to say that I’m pleased to
have participated in this course.
❖ M. Seiler – Ligonier, PA

The Professional Bartender skills that I learned from the course helped me to get a
job within a week of graduation at a major nightclub in my area. The job-search
skills that were presented in the interviewing workshop that accompanies the
course, prepared me so well that I pretty much breezed right through the process.
This has been one of the best opportunities that I’ve had to better myself to
date. I’ve made enough money in tips alone during my first week on the job to pay
for my program. Many thanks.
❖ J. Grover – Connellsville, PA

A back to school plan that I’m sure I’ll never regret. Took the Professional
Bartender School at mother’s suggestion, because she was a successful graduate some
14 years prior. She had gotten several good paying jobs immediately after
completing her training, including working at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, one
of the top vacation and destination resorts casino. She also operates her own
catering and event bartender service. I’m currently attending West Virginia
University and have found that I have the skills to work at any premium club,
restaurant, hotel, or food & beverage establishment in the area. It’s important to
me that I have flexible hours so that I can concentrate on my studies and still
enjoy my college life. Working as a Professional Bartender has been the solution
on all counts. Plus, I have the opportunity to work at the beach in the summer.
Thanks WSC for the great training and the direction you’ve provide for both of us.
❖ R. A. Mertz, Jr. – Uniontown, PA

I was thoroughly pleased with the instruction that I received from your
Professional Mixology School. Sensational hands-on program, with top-shelf
instructors, in a modern facility. My teachers were really good at what they do
because they have practical experience and run their own businesses. And, they
really care about all of their students. My class was scheduled for 36 hours, yet
I estimate that I received an additional 12 hours of instructions at no additional
cost. That’s what I call a bargain and good customer service. That’s probably why
they’ve been in business for over 25 years and have graduates that work all around
the country. I’m proud to be one of those graduates and I’m sure that I’m going to
be a success. Thank-you for the great opportunity.
❖ M. Weaver – Monessen, PA

Great course with cool instructors that know their stuff. Got a job immediately
after completing the course with Ruby Tuesdays. The Job Search Workshop included
in the course really helped me, because I had to take several interviews to secure
the position. Both the Professional Bartender and the Shot Master Flair-Bartender
Programs really came in handy. I’ve been able to showcase my skills on several
occasions and feel very confident about my prospects for work at Seven Springs
Resort for the upcoming ski season. Thank-you Wines, Steins and Cocktails.
❖ R. Hippensteil – California, PA

Super program and instructors. Everything was taught in a positive and up-beat
manner. The gentlemen offered extra time before and after regularly scheduled
sessions to assist any of us who had additional questions or wanted to practice
more developing their skills. It was evident from the get-go that a lot of time
was spent designing the course and the training materials. The instruction manuals
were laid out very well and were easy to follow and understand. I might add that
it was nice not having to worry about paying for the course all at once. The pay
as you go plan served to reinforce the confidence that the instructors and the
company had in all of us. All of the 18 folks who started finished the program as
scheduled. The interviewing work-shop that comes with the course was on par with
the quality of the Professional Bartender skills that we all received. The
information on getting work in casinos and on cruise ships was very informative. A
great program for all those who aspire to become Professional Bartenders.
❖ R. Rieger – Washington, PA