I enjoyed this course very much, because it fit right in with my plans to step up
into a position as a Professional Mixologist at the Allegheny Mariner. Learned all
the mix drinks that I needed to know and then some. Also learned how to create
signature cocktails, craft-beer and wine, how to create menu specials, select
inventory, and price the drinks that we would service at the bar. Also was exposed
to TIPS and managing ways to ensure that the establishment and its guests enjoy a
safe environment while enjoying alcohol on the premises. Since these classes were
presented by professionals in the industry, the practice sessions were both fun and
outcome focused. Could really see the transformation in my level of mixing skills
build from session to session. I’m really pleased with my level of confidence and
my ability to perform on the job as a Professional Bartender. Recommend this
course to anyone who seriously has an interest in this trade or starting a
❖ E. Kucik – Natrona Heights, PA

Enrolled in the 36-hour course on Professional Mixology and also participated in
the TIPS Training for Responsible Servers. Excellent presentation and practice
sessions. Got a bartender position right after taking your classes at the River
Forest Country Club in Freeport. Lovely place with a golf course and banquet
facilities. I’m involved in both regular mixing duties and bartending for special
events. The course was reasonably priced. Also, I made use of the easy pay as you
go plan which was quite helpful. In all, I learned a heck of a lot about all
aspects of Professional Bartending and extend my thanks to my instructors for
sharing their knowledge.
❖ B. Sheaffer – Apollo, PA

Enjoyed this course very much. Never would have been able to learn what I was
exposed to without attending your course. Everything was well organized and taught
by knowledgeable instructors who really gave us a good work-out every session, yet
were very patient and extremely helpful. Without a doubt, the hands-on application
was the most valuable and fun part of the course. It’s the actual mixing that made
learning as close to the real thing as possible, especially when interacting with
all your friends in class. Great lectures on all kinds of different Spirits that
you’ll be using on the job, and good info on how to make more tips, provide
excellent customer service, how to serve different wines, beer, and liqueurs. All
was done with enthusiasm and questions were always welcomed. Been able to apply my
new skills immediately on my job and feel good about the confidence that I’ve
gotten working with the staff from Wines, Steins and Cocktails. Thanks for
❖ S. Atkinson – Lower Burrell, PA

Thought this class was great. The bar atmosphere, the instructors, and my
classmates made this a memorable experience. I learn best from hands-on practice,
so this was appealing to me. Each session built upon the next. Before you knew
it, all the pieces of the puzzle just fell into place. It was all organized very
well and taught by folks that have businesses and know this industry quite well.
Truly an amazing amount of material was covered in the 36-hour Mixology program.
I also took the TIPS Program because the certification enhances a bartender’s
credibility and helps with employers getting a discount on their insurance. I have
intentions of starting my own Pro Bartender Event Service, so ti believe this to be
a smart move. Highly recommend this course.
❖ S. Brubaker – Tarentum, PA

The instructors really made this program. Knowledgeable, fun and to the point,
they got the job done. Took a lot of personal interest in everybody in the class
and even spent time before and after hours to practice more if desired. The
Professional Bartender Program, the job-search and the interviewing workshop were
handy. All provided valuable information on how and where to apply everything we
learned, so I believe that Wines, Steins and Cocktails really cares about how their
graduates perform when they move on from the training they provide. Planning to
take up some work at the local resorts on a part-time basis while I’m attending
WVU. Intend to generate some extra funds for college working at the trade during
the holiday and summer breaks. Thank-you for such an informative and entertaining
❖ W. Kirk – Morgantown, WV