Got some fantastic mixing skills and two Professional Bartender positions with the
help of Wines, Steins and Cocktails. I am pleased to prepare a wide variety of
cocktails, signature and otherwise, both at an established country club and an
entertainment center that hosts all kinds of events that feature world-classs
entertainment. I study the arts in college, so the personalities that I have the
occasion of meeting while working as a bartender, has been a quite an experience.
Bartending on this level has opened up a stream of other possibilities for me,
because I’m socializing with successful people who are presently living my dreams.
Thank-you for your help in assisting me.
❖ N. Silvis – Greensburg, PA

Surpassed all my expectations. Provided me with info and know-how over and beyond.
The course covered so much more than just mixing drinks, which we did for hours
each session. We also discussed and practiced the service of wine and craft-beer,
how to create signature cocktails, classic & theme drink preparation, cruise and
casino work, running your own bartender service, how to interview, liquor control
laws, inventory selection, and a lot more. I ‘m really pleased with everything,
just a total experience. Got hired by a classy Pittsburgh night-spot immediately
upon graduation from the course.
❖ J. Frangosa – Pittsburgh, PA

Great experience and a lot of fun. I’ve been a Professional K-9 Dog Instructor for
over 20 years. My husband and I took this course because of its reputation, and
because I needed flexible hours and a solid way to make some good money to help
supplement my income during my off-season training. As I had expected after
talking with some of my friends who went through the program, we got right down to
it — mixing all kinds of drinks so we can work at any type of establishment,
especially those where you make good tips. No shot & beer stuff here. The
interviewing and job prep we received was worth the price of the course in itself.
We were both offered jobs with a large banquet hall and catering facility upon
completion. Thank-you for a great time and tremendous learning experience.
❖ K. & B. Julian – North Huntingdon, PA

The Professional Bartender and Hospitality-Training School that I recently attended
at Wines, Steins and Cocktails provided me with an A+ learning experience.
Presented by professionals who own their own businesses and stress a hands-on
mixing approach to learning made everything a snap. Upon completion of the
program, I was promoted to a Bar-Manager position at a fine-dining establishment in
our community. I’m now responsible for all aspects of running the bar operation
for the owners, including creating new drink menus for the regulars and specialized
classic cocktails for special events of all kinds. I would also like to mention
that that I appreciated the additional training I was given on how to run my own
free-lance bartender service. This niche training specialty not typically taught
at other institutions was a real bonus, so I jumped at the opportunity and wasn’t
disappointed. Free-lance bartending pays very well, and it took only two events to
pay for my entire cost for all my training. In all, this course and the TIPS
Program was a great investment at a very fair price. Plus, because all the
training was held locally, I didn’t have to expend additional cost and time
traveling in and out of a city. Thank-you for enabling me and all my classmates
with such an opportunity.
❖ G. Loughner – Youngwood, PA

I have worked as a Travel Agent and fell in love with the idea of becoming a
Professional Bartender after spending many hours talking with those who practice
this trade aboard a number of the cruise lines. No doubt the work is both
glamorous and lucrative. Upon my return from my last outing I decided to enroll in
the Wines, Steins and Cocktails Professional Bartender School and Wine Academy.
What a delightful all round experience. I received first class training in all
aspects of Professional Mixology, including some Wine, Craft-Beer and Spirits
Selection so I can run my own bartender service. Everything was taught hands-on in
a beautiful facility. I was pleased with the personal touch, the extra assistance
in developing my new skills. Ironically, the instructors have done a fair amount
of training for the folks that work in the Cruise Industry, so it was a pleasant
surprise indeed, to see and learn what I had observed on the ships and a lot more.
The credentials that I added to my resume came at a very reasonable price and
provided me even more credibility when booking functions. Great investment for
anyone who wants to learn how to be a stellar Mixologist.
❖ N. Borden – Greensburg, PA

Enjoyed the program a lot. I was working in a factory when I began this class.
I’ve always wanted to become a Professional Bartender, because I knew that the
hours are flexible and that I could make good money for my time. I was pleased to
be able to learn so much, so quickly. I had great instructors, patient and
knowledgeable. Also, I received job-search and interviewing pointers throughout
the course which proved to be helpful. I got a job as soon as I completed my
training, and was then contacted by WSC for another position to work at an an
exclusive nightclub thereafter. So things have worked out well for me. I feel
good about having made the decision to attend your course and I’m excited about my
future in the Hospitality Industry.
❖ E. Wiltrout – Mt. Pleasant, PA