The program was very helpful in learning the drinks that we will serve in the
upscale establishments where we can make a good income. I found that the most
valuable part of the course was all the hands-on practice. You just can’t beat the
repetition and the review from class to class to help get those recipes to sink in
and take hold. The instructional manuals really helped the learning process,
because they contain all the drink recipes, preparation, glassware, garnishment,
different types of liquor, liqueurs, craft-beer, and wine. I also took the TIPS
program which taught me another valuable skill-set on how to interact with
customers in a professional fashion that will increase my tips and clientele
through the responsible service of alcohol. I appreciated the interviewing
workshop included with the program and the opportunity to use the easy pay as you
go plan. Thank-you for making all of this possible.
❖ M. Pintirsch – Butler, PA

After an in-depth search for a quality program, I was referred to Wines, Steins and
Cocktails. I was delighted with the course on all counts. The price was more than
reasonable for the quality of learning that I received. The instructors are topnotch
and really care about your ability to perform well on the job working in any
bar situation. Especially helpful were the interviewing tips and job-search
preparation. All turned out well as I breezed through my first interview and
landed a job at the New Castle Country Club.
❖ R. Stetler – Beaver Falls, PA

Found this program, its instructors and the learning materials to be the best.
Everything was professional prepared and presented, and everyone was knowledgeable
and patient with all who took part in all the Professional bartender and
Hospitality Training Programs. The information that I learned mixing the drinks,
practicing the customer service and TIPS drills has set me apart from what seems to
be the norm out there today. I’m confident that I’ll be a success having now taken
these programs. Thank-you again for all of your help.
❖ J. Verner – New Brighton, PA

I really enjoyed this class immensely. Had great teachers who had good
personalities and made all the learning fun. Even though we mixed cocktails for
hours every class, the teachers and the way they presented the material made the
time fly. Looked forward to coming to every session and am already missing the
regular practice. I look forward to starting my own bartending service and to
becoming one of the best Professional Bartenders now that I have been trained by
Wines, Steins and Cocktails.
❖ D. Freed – New Galilee, PA

I would like to express my thanks to the Wines, Steins & Cocktails for the fine
training. The skills and techniques that I’ve learned in the program have already
helped me advance my career in the Hospitality Industry. I’m now in a position
where I hire and supervise bartenders. I can now reliably tell the difference
between a Mixologist and a common beer-tender, especially when I interview
candidates for employment. As both a Hospitality Professional, and a graduate of
Wines, Steins & Cocktails Professional Bartender School, I whole-heartedly
recommend your course to any prospective or current bartender who wants to acquire
the skills and expertise to move to the head of their profession, fast!
❖ D. Burich – General Manager – Holiday Inn – Sharon, PA