The course was very informative and covered all aspects of Professional Bartending.
Especially liked the mixing of the drinks each session, because I learn best by
the all-hands on method. Each time we attended the class, the bars were rearranged
to mirror those in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, country clubs and casinos.
This was a great idea and really gave me more confidence in my new skills. The
instructors were super knowledgeable and shared their information with everyone.
They answered all our questions and really gave us some great interviewing tips in
the job-search workshop that comes with the program. By the end of the course, I
had learned and practiced all kinds of drinks. Had a great time making Tiki and
blended island specialties. The shot-making session was amazing. All the tricks
that we learned will really help us stand out and give us the opportunity to
showcase our skills. Thanks for a wonderful course and all the extras. Will
recommend your program to anyone who wants to become a bartending pro.
❖ S. Pistilli – Fairmont, WV

Glad I took the Professional Bartender Program put on by Wines, Steins and
Cocktails. Saw this course advertised several times over the years and decided to
give it try. What a great experience. I learned so much about the Mixology trade
that I felt confident enough to leave Morgantown and relocate to Brooklyn, NY
where I now work at the exclusive Park Avenue Country Club. Classic drink-making
is the norm in these parts and my instructors prepared me well. The money and the
perks are superb. And, there’s plenty more jobs of this kind available in the
area. I recommend this course to anyone looking for a mobile trade that pays well
and offers a lot in the way of job opportunities.
❖ S. Mathess – Salem, WV

Amazing program. Got a job at the Indiana Country Club the week of completing the
course. The reputation of your school was the deciding factor for me getting the
job, as they were pleased with other graduates that have worked for them over the
years. Have had the opportunity to create new drink menus and specials for
regulars and for festive occasions. I’m approaching my last year at the University
and then it’s off to Colorado for graduate school. It’s great to know that my
skills are competitive, and that I can make some good money no matter where I go.
Thanks so much for all your help.
❖ A. Moretti – Indiana, PA

I had been bartending for awhile and thought I would take this class after some of
my friends had spoken so highly of their experiences, all of which had no bartender
experience yet all are working in nice places now. I truly made a good decision to
invest what was little time and money compared to the return that I’ve gotten back
so many times in the way of confidence and income. There sure is a big difference
from the shot and beer tender scene and what I experienced in the way of training
with Wines, Steins and Cocktails. Their instructors are hospitality pros who own
and consult to the Food & Beverage Trades. Their approach to learning is entirely
hands-on. What I learned and the amount of practice that our class performed made
work a breeze. I now have up to date professional bartending skills and flair that
I can apply to any type of mixing environment. This course has opened up a whole
new level of employment opportunities for me. Recommend this class to all
bartenders that want to step up.
❖ C. Varner – Indiana, PA

Needed a job while attending college that afforded me the opportunity to make some
decent money with a flexible schedule. Knew nothing about bartending prior to my
taking the Professional Mixology course and got two jobs coming right out of the
program. The course is lots of fun and is taught by real professionals who have
worked with the cruise and casino industries. So, we got some of the best training
that I’ve ever experienced anywhere. The instructors were easy going, lots of
patience, and willing to review and answer any questions. We practiced pretty much
the entire session each time we met. Together with the Pro Mixology course, I
participated in the TIPS and Showcase Flair-Bartender programs, about 44 hours of
hands-on instruction. Got my full tuition back in 3 shifts on the job. I’d hope I
to get the same return on all the dough I’ve shelled out for college to date. This
was a great move. I look forward to working at Ocean City or Myrtle Beach this
❖ C. Rearick – Indiana, PA

Great programs with instructors that do an excellent job. All the teachers are
highly knowledgeable of the profession and teach with a lot of enthusiasm. Always
well prepared for class and always ready to answer all your questions. Got plenty
of opportunity to practice each session and this really helped me develop my
skills. Pleased to have taken part in such a fine program and recommend it highly.
❖ S. Daskivich – Punxsutawney, PA