A total program. Great instructors, plenty of practice, and excellent training
materials. All the skills you’ll ever need to get both feet in the door when
interviewing for a premium job as a Professional Bartender, and performing at the
top of your game when you get behind the bar. WSC instructors instilled a high
level of confidence and competence as it relates to what to expect when working in
all kinds of establishments aka Mixology and Bar Management.
❖ C. Siddall – Auburn, NY

Wow, paid but a few hundred dollars for a fantastic learning experience. Top-Shelf
all the way. I currently work at the Beach Hotel, but what I learned in such a
short period of time was awesome. The gentlemen who taught my class are the best
instructors that I’ve ever had for any learning experience. They were amazing to
watch, but just as amazing was that they wanted to share their knowledge so you too
could excel on the job. We worked all hands-on, plenty of practice to perfect our
skills. Industry knowledge, customer service, responsible drink-making, and
interviewing techniques with substance that will get you into all kinds of
establishments, including casinos which I have my eyes on right now. I intend to
make this a reality shortly and believe that I’ve invested wisely in the training
and credentials needed to get me there. Most thankful for your assistance.
❖ B. Pazian – Rochester, NY

These courses were quite a deal. In depth, very well taught, and at an extremely
fair price. The instructors were most knowledgeable and presented their material
with great enthusiasm. All the mixing sessions were upbeat and the supporting
materials followed the classes in detail. I was hired by the Hyatt Regency directly
out of the class. Highly recommend the Professional Bartender, TIPS and Showcase
Flair-Bartender Programs to anyone who aspires to be a complete Mixologist.
❖ C. Twitchell – Rochester, NY

Wealth of information, a lot of fun, and lively mixing sessions. The instruction
was easy to follow, because we had great instructors who really were eager to teach
their material. Answered all our questions and spent extra time before and after
class to practice and offer assistance. Some of the folks in our class wanted to
open their own nightclubs and the teachers for advice. Without skipping a beat,
they explained the ins and outs for getting started and keeping their operations
running. The gentlemen spoke freely about so much more than just mixing drinks.
Really enjoyed the entire experience and feel confident about my prospects as a
Professional Bartender, perhaps a future bar owner after taking this class.
❖ C. Horton – Henrietta, NY

Was really pleased with all the training I received in the Professional Bartender,
TIPS and Flair Bar-Master Programs. Started my own Bartending Service and work for
several caterers around the area. I also work for a high volume upscale lounge and
nightclub. Your course taught me a lot about “big-city” Mixology and the Bar
Business which is a real asset. The instructors were exceptional to say the least.
The amount mixing practice was incredible and enabled me to jump right into action
behind the bar. We make a lot of Bahama Mamas, Batidas, Mojitos, Rum Runners,
Capirinhas, so all that Tiki style bar prep came in real handy here at the marina.
I’ve also become a pretty proficient shot-maker thanks to your Showcase Flair Bar-
Master Program. The Training experience has paid for itself many times over,
making it a great investment. Many thanks.
❖ R. Sigeti – Grand Island, NY

Dropping you a line to commend you on such a lively and informative Professional
Bartender and Hospitality-Training Program. Since the completion of your course,
I’ve booked several weddings, landed a job at one of Buffalo’s premier restaurants,
the Wilson House, and have arranged to do some private parties aboard some of the
yachts that make their rounds at the marina. I’m more than satisfied with all my
training, having earned back the cost many times to date. Your employment
workshop, Tips, and Flair-Bartender Programs helped establish my credibility from
the get-go. Thank you so much for this great opportunity to learn from the best.
❖ L. McNamee – Buffalo, NY

This course was fantastic. I had been bartending about 6 months prior to taking
Wines Steins and Cocktails Professional Bartender Program. The biggest thing that
initially learned was, I didn’t know anything about how to bartend. Problem solved
immediately. The instructors were the most knowledgeable and best performing
technicians I’ve ever see perform behind a bar. They knew the trade in side out
and knew the business of running a top-shelf operation. Handled all questions
gladly and with ease. We worked on mixing techniques and prepared all sorts of
cocktails for hours on end every class. Really learned a whole lot of everything
needed to be a Professional Mixologist fast. Now when I go out and survey the
competition, I feel ultra confident of my new skills and proud to say I took part
in your program. It was the best. Thank-you for the terrific experience.
❖ R. Klotzbach – Orchard Park, NY