Graduate Testimonials

Our Graduates Mix With The Best – East Coast To West Since 1987

Best career change decision I’ve ever made. Had been working in the computer and
electronics industries in Detroit, only to be phased out, laid off or transferred
again and again. The Professional Bartender & Mixology Program has proven to be
the solution to all my problems. In fact, Wines, Steins and Cocktails helped me
land several jobs directly upon completion of my course, one of which is with the
Marriott that provided me with a flexible working schedule and a number of great
perks. Since then, I’ve also worked as a bartender at a variety of public and
private events with great success. No stress and a terrific source of income — I
average $17 – $22 per hour. When I finish my shift, I feel energized for a change
and can now leave my work behind. Have intentions of moving to Atlanta at the turn
of the year and now have a recession-proof skill that I can use anywhere. Thankyou
for such a great opportunity.
❖ I. Kyler – Latrobe, PA

The Professional Bartender School was a fantastic learning experience and a great
introduction into the world of Mixology. We did so much mixing practice each
session, that when we went back to work at the Country Club, it seemed liked we
were standing still. In any case, we really got our money’s worth out of this
course. We’re both college students and we made the money that we paid for our
program back the first week-end on the job. Also, we appreciated being able to
make payments as we go instead of in a lump sum. Overall, it was a great time and
we’re pleased with the outcome.
❖ A. Moraca & J. Marks – Pittsburgh, PA

Exceeded my expectations. I’m a veteran and enrolled is this course because I
wanted to work part-time while I was attending nursing school. It was obvious from
the onset that this course was professionally designed. Any individual who is
seeking to get the edge, and is serious about working at a unique and exciting
place will truly enjoy this educational experience. I was amazed at the amount of
information, technique and practice that is involved in this profession. The
facility is top-notch, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the training is realistic
and fun. The tuition was a bargain, payment plans were available, and job
assistance was provided. Held locally, so it was a wonderful experience for me
❖ C. Cournoyer – Greensburg, PA

Compliments to your instructors for an excellent job. I’m a school teacher and
really appreciated the combination of hands-on mixing, outstanding demonstrations
and coaching, which couldn’t have be better. The training manuals and related
materials are up to date, easy to use, and a valuable resource for any person who
wants to become a Professional Mixologist. The tuition was quite reasonable, and
being able to use the easy pay as you go plan, made the program very affordable. I
already have a job lined up at a local club and feel very confident as to my
ability to perform well on the job. Thank-you for your assistance.
❖ D. Vastell – Youngwood, PA

Fantastic programs taught by instructors who know their trade. Participated in the
Professional Bartender-Mixology, TIPS, and Showcase Flair-Bartender Programs.
Approximately48 hours of Hands-On Mixology and related instruction presented by
Hospitality Pros who own their own businesses. Was able to get my training close
to where I live and saved a lot in the way of tuition and travel cost. Got a job
working at Valozzi’s, a fine dining establishment that also caters special events
and festive occasions. Hit the ground running without a hitch. Had the confidence
and know-how to do the job from the onset. Recommend Wines, Steins and Cocktails
to anyone, owner or staff that wants to excel in Professional Bartending.
❖ R. Compton – Greensburg, PA

Was already a bartender at a hotel establishment when I saw some really good
bartenders in action. They told me that they had gotten their training at Wines,
Steins and Cocktails and I enrolled for several of their programs. One of the best
investments I’ve made, got a great job running a bar right after completing my
training. I really learned a whole lot about Professional Mixology, bar-management
and “big-city” bartending. Have plans to do some traveling and the skills I
acquired from my instructors at Wines, Steins and Cocktails will definitely get me
where I want to go. Was a real delight to have stumbled upon such an opportunity.
Many thanks to WSC and their staff.
❖ S. Collins – West Newton, PA

Because they’ve been consistently been rated as some of the best in their class, I
took the Professional Bartender, TIPS, and Showcase Flair-Bartender Programs .
I’ve had several great positions since graduating, all of which helped pay for my
college tuition. Presently, I run an upscale cocktail and craft-beer pub that has
a menu of great drinks and specialty cocktails that I designed from the training I
received from wines, Steins and Cocktails. My instructors were the best. They
really knew the bar business and the Mixology Trade. Without a doubt, a terrific
hands-on experience at a fair price that will get you where you want to go fast.
❖ J. Jones – Murraysville, PA