Retiring and checking out alternatives to earn some some extra money at a
livelihood that I would enjoy led me to participating in the WSC Professional
Bartender Program. What a great time and what an opportunity. Had a chance to
learn from instructors who have been at their trade and the bar business for most
of their lives. They didn’t miss a thing or fail to answer a question. Real
gentlemen, they were patient and informed instructors. Everything was practiced
over and over again until we felt comfortable before moving on to new material.
Just like solving a puzzle, by the end of all our sessions, we were ready to go,
just like promised. I feel very confident and can see myself moving on to a new
and productive phase in my life. Thank-you.
❖ J. Thrash – Wintersville – OH

Had a great time and met a number of interesting people that made my learning
experience all the more fun. Learned a whole lot about Professional Bartending
from some really good instructors who kept the class interesting during all the
hands-on mixing sessions. How and where to get jobs were discussed in detail and
the training materials were designed to follow the course and provide the info
needed for direction once we were all done with our training. Thanks for sharing
your expertise with all of us.
❖ D,. Saiter – Mingo Junction, OH

This program was excellent on all counts. To qualify for a job, you got have that
hands-on experience actually mixing drinks. I found this course to be thorough and
extensive. Having owned and operated their own establishments, all of our
instructors offered valuable insight to mixing a wide variety of drinks, how to get
a satisfying job, and how make more cash in the way of tips. They even showed us
how to run our own event bartender service, which is another great money-making
opportunity, especially if you don’t want to work for somebody else, or are
squeezed for time. Really appreciated the opportunity to make payments for the
classes rather than having to pay all the money upfront. I believe that I got a
lot for my money, and I am pleased to have been able to take part in such a fine
program so close to where I live. Many Thanks.
❖ S. Rzucidlo – Wilmington, DE

Have been recently hired by the Dupont Country Club. Your program prepared me well
as a Professional Bartender-Mixologist. In addition, I received plenty of hands-on
practice to develop my skills to work both publicly and privately. I have my own
bartender service and am available to do all types of events. Have already done
some benefits and related functions. The tips are good and the attendees are
interesting people. Thank-you for providing the skills and industry knowledge
needed to excel on the job.
❖ M. Jackson – Middletown, DE

I was aware that this particular program has a national reputation, so I’ve been
patient for it to return. I wasn’t disappointed. Nice, smooth, and easy to follow
is how I describe this course. The instructors, the work-books and the amount of
hands-on practice is phenomenal. Just a fantastic experience from beginning to
end, worth every penny. The easy pay as you go plan was not only handy, but
reinforced the confidence that the teachers and the company had in itself. Every
person who began this class, and we had a good turnout, completed the program on
schedule. The customer service, interviewing, and TIPS training skills were all on
target. I’m pumped up and ready to go with several bartender positions already in
my sights Thanks for a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best.
❖ N. Chevres – Christiana, DE

I learned a lot from the Professional Bartender Program and Hospitality Training
Course. What I liked the most was the instructors and their teaching methods.
They are really well trained and eager to help everyone do their best. They
offered everyone extra practice before and after all the classes and were open to
any of our comments or questions. Also the instructional manuals are loaded with
all kinds of information on the Mixology and Hospitality Industries. The
interviewing workshop gave me some great tips and a lot of confidence. I can see
myself doing this successfully longterm, rather than just as a sideline to have fun
and make some extra cash. Whatever the case, I enjoyed the program and have
recommended it to my friends.
❖ L. Phillips – New Castle, DE