Thank-you for the extensive course and valuable information that will help both me
and my fiancee with the opportunity to make our move to the beaches of the outer
banks of North Carolina. We lined up some positions to tend bar and are planning
to fulfill our dream of operating our own night-club in the near future. I have
seen this particular course advertised over many years and have heard excellent
comments on its instructors and the overall credibility of the program. We weren’t
disappointed. A few of my friends had taken it in the past and have had much
success getting bartending positions at upscale establishments. I was equally
pleased with my learning experience. A tremendous amount of mixing practice was
done each week on a wide variety of drink recipes to prepare us for any bartending
situation. The teachers were most knowledgeable, and the books and materials given
to us are extremely informative. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend
the skills learned in this course to anyone who wants a quick route to becoming a
Professional Bartender.
❖ S. Bonner – Outer Banks, NC

I’ve learned so much of everything about Pro Bartending and Professional Mixology
from this course. I’m relocating to Sarasota, Florida shortly and am looking
forward to working at the beach while I pursue my college education on a part-time
basis . Some of the instructors who provided my training have worked the Gulf area
and really clued me in on what to expect. Had a real interest in Flair Bartending
and premium Shot-making, which is big time at the cabana bars, particularly during
Spring Break when you can strut your stuff and make lots of bucks. My instructors
made sure to provide me with plenty of hands-on practice on making a wide variety
of Shooters, Tooters, Poppers and Bombers, along with some classy moves to showcase
my drink-making know-how.
Thanks for helping me get the skills to make this move possible.
❖ H. Pitzerell – Sarasota, FL

I can’t say enough as to how my bartending and hospitality career has taken off
since I received my training and certification from your Professional Bartender
School and Wine Academy. I relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida shortly after
completing your class. Within less than a week I received a job to tend bar at the
fabulous, Masters at Shepherd Hills Country Club. The money and benefits are
fantastic and the sunshine and people are simply superb. I especially wanted to
thank you for all the time that was spent discussing and practicing interviewing
procedures, tips on dealing with bosses, and those coping with peers on the job.
Boy did they come in handy, my interviews were a snap and I was hired shortly
after making application for a position. From there it was a smooth transition to
becoming an Assistant Manager in charge of the bartender staff for banquet & social
functions. With much gratitude, I wish Wines, Steins and Cocktails continued
❖ M. Soritos – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I just finished high school and have spent a lot of time honing my acting skills
each summer. Decided to take the plunge and move from Irwin to California to try
to break into the movie business. Did some research and found that working as a
professional bartender in an upscale venue could be my ticket to making some fast
cash and provide me with the opportunity to network with the movers and shakers in
the movie-making business. The professional bartender course I took with Wines,
Steins and Cocktails filled the bill, and inexpensively at that. Got a lot more
than I had expected. The instructors were top-notch and spent plenty of extra time
helping me develop my mixing techniques. The Tips & Flair-Bartender classes will
fit right in with all the sea-side California hot-spots. I’ve got a few places
lined up for interviews when I move out to Pasadena this forthcoming month and feel
very confident with my new skills. Thanks for the great course.
❖ H. Horwatt – Pasadena, CA

Well worth the time and money. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to
pursue a career as a Professional Bartender. I worked for a number of years in Las
Vegas as a Cocktail Waitress and have now returned to the area where I intend to
continue to work as a Professional Mixologist. Having travelled extensively,
there’s no doubt that there’s excellent money to be made in this trade in any area
of the country providing you have legitimate mixing skills and certification. In
spite of my background, I learned a considerable amount of new drink-making
material and most definitely, technique. Getting work depends on a lot of factors
other than just knowing how to throw a drink together, and it was apparent from the
onset that it was the intention of the instructors to fill in the gaps. They
answered all questions, volunteered information, and showed the connection between
theory, practice, and application as it would be used on the job. Very informative,
very practical, and very complete. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to take
part in such a quality program.
❖ L. Ball – Las Vegas, NV

Aloah from Kauai. Just wanted to let you you know that I finally retired
officially from the Air Force and am pursuing my new part-time career in Hawaii as
a Professional Bartender. I work at two different hotels that cater to travelers
from all over the world.
We do plenty of good-paying events, from concerts to international conventions, as
well as regularly playing host to to all of the cruise liners that frequently visit
the islands. So, all that classic cocktail practice and Tiki drink-making sure
came in handy. It’s like paradise out here. The beaches, the great weather,
beautiful people — I’m really living the dream. I only work a few days a week to
supplement my military pension. I just can’t thank you guys enough for providing
me with a portable skill that has opened up so many opportunities for me. If you
ever come to Hawaii, make sure to look me up.
❖ G. Rittenhouse – Retired Air Force – Hawaii

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