Very knowledgeable instructors who own their own businesses. Speak from lots of
experience, were extremely helpful and patient in sharing their expertise. Very
uplifting presentations and lively practice sessions. Especially liked all the
hands-on drills. Instructors were big on reviewing each class and building on what
we learned. It really gave all of us lots of confidence. I really can say that
I’m ready to go. Found my interviews to be a breeze after taking part in the job &
interview workshop included as part of the class. Also, thank-you for letting me
and all my classmates who couldn’t afford to pay in full to pay as we go. I
wouldn’t have been able to take the class without this opportunity. Thanks and
much continued success to your company.
❖ K. Brody – Pittston, PA

This program was ultra informative. I took the 36-hour Professional Mixology
Program that taught me everything that I needed to tend bar and then some in any
type of bar operation. The instructors made it interesting and lots of fun at the
same time. You could tell that they had been around, all of them owned and managed
their own businesses. The combination of plenty of practice and review in our
training manuals made my goal to become a Professional Mixologist a reality. The
price was most reasonable for the quality of what all of us received. The
opportunity to pay as you go and the added bonus of a job and employment workshop
made this a great package deal.
❖ J. Lupini – Moosic, PA

Really liked all the actual drink-making practice and the interview workshop parts
of the the Professional Bartender – Hospitality Training Program. The instructors
had a wealth of information and shared it freely at will with all the folks in
class. It was truly an incredible learning experience and just a whole lot of fun
in the process. The pay as you go plan was fantastic and all the great stuff and
instructional manuals we received for future reference was awesome. The whole
experience was terrific and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get off on the
right foot learning becoming a Professional Bartender.
❖ S. Garcia – Clark’s Summit, PA

Hit the ground running after completing your course in Professional Bartending.
Got a job working with Damon’s Restaurant and Pub. Making some great money and
having a good time on the job. Made enough tips after a few shifts of work to pay
for my course and all profit from here on out. No doubt, all the hands-on drills
that we did in class made learning stick. The Interviewing workshop was very
helpful and I really felt confident when I started my job. Great course.
❖ H. Kinney – Wilkes-Barre, PA

I most thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Bartender and Hospitality Training
Programs. Instructors provided me with valuable mixing and interviewing skills.
Because of their personal background in running their own businesses, I feel very
confident to go out and perform this trade professionally and efficiently. With
all the hotels and food & beverage establishments in the area, I’ll be working in
no time after visiting different bars and pubs and observing the “competition”.
❖ O. Ramirez – Dunmore, PA

To say that I enjoyed this class a lot is an understatement. All the hands-on
mixing practice we did over all the sessions really made the difference. We
learned so much about mixing all kinds of drinks so we can work in any kind of bar
anywhere. We also learned a lot about wine, craft-beer, world-class liqueurs and
their proper service, measurements and glassware. What I found interesting were
the number of people who were either in the business or getting ready to do so had
attended. They really didn’t know any more than me when I started, but felt that
they needed to get an edge to stay competitive with all the new stuff out there. A
number of the folks elected to participate in the training so they could get
discounts on their insurance for running their businesses. I can really relate to
that after finishing the course and now watching the majority of bartenders out
there who haven’t been taught properly. I’m more than satisfied knowing that my
skills are at the top and that I can be confident when I use them no matter where I
go. Thank-you Wines, Steins and Cocktails.
❖ L. Butsko – Scranton, PA