The program was extremely helpful, even for people who have done some legitimate
bartending prior to taking the class. Everything you need to know how to mix
drinks of any kind, and in type of of bar was covered more than adequately in the
program. The instructors were top of the line in all categories! They not only
showed you how to mix drinks, but told you where and why you would most likely
prepare them, as well as how to apply some tweaking Pzazz. That, along with one
heck of a lot of hands-on practice was the trick to becoming efficient quick. The
instructional manuals are very well prepared and proved to be a real asset and for
future reference. There all up to date and contain lists of the most popular
standard drinks and classic cocktails typically served at all kinds of bar
establishments across the country. Also very handy, were the tips on how and where
to interview to get your best paying jobs, including how to negotiate for perks and
better pay. The instructors even offered info on employment opportunities working
at casinos and on cruise ships which I’m going to seriously look into. Thank-you
for such an informative learning experience.
❖ E. Perez – Newburgh, NY

Affordable and well taught Professional Bartender Program. Instructors were the
best and the materials received as part of the program were excellent. The manuals
followed the training to a T and are well designed for future reference. The
interviewing and job-search tips were on the money as well. I also participated in
the TIPS Program as well and was equally impressed. This experience has been a
good addition to all my food service skills. Believe I can work anywhere upscale
❖ A. Vidal – Cornwall, NY

The Professional Mixology Program has been beneficial to me for getting a
satisfying position in the Hospitality Industry and the investment in time and
money was well worth it. The instructors were real gentlemen and always were
welcoming and patient. Both the manuals and the job & interview workshop that is
part of the program were informative. Thank-you for the uplifting experience and
especially for allowing me to pay as go. I wouldn’t been able to take advantage of
this fine opportunity without it.
❖ R. Bucci – Marlboro, NY

Enjoyable and fun learning experience. Always wanted to learn this and am
fortunate to have found such a professional program and instructors. The gentlemen
who conducted the course are real pros with a history of training people for the
Hospitality Industry, in addition to running their own businesses. Lots of
valuable material presented, over and above just mixing drinks, the kind of stuff
that puts you out in front at an interview and helps you get a job and perform
well. Also, I’m really pleased to have been able to get so much hands-on practice
to develop my skills. It’s the real thing and makes all the difference in becoming
an actual Mixologist. Great job and thanks for making it available to me and my
❖ J. Vidal – Ellenville, NY

The more hands-on the better should be the theme of the course. We really mixed a
lot drinks of all kinds, so we can work in any type of establishment. I believe
that my program was about 36 hours long and I’ll be we spent almost 90% of that
time practicing, reviewing and creating classic cocktails, wine and champagne
drinks, learning to serve cognac, single malts and relating to craft beer styles.
This is the real deal, the kind of skills needed to get a professional bartender
job and to move up fast anywhere.
Great program with an affordable pay as you go plan. Speaking for me and all my
classmates, thank-you so much for making this opportunity available.
❖G. Freda – Goshen, NY

Unique teaching methods and all hands-on presentation made it easy to learn so much
good material for any combination of bartender – hospitality training positions.
The manuals were laid out well and made the whole learning process meaningful.
Being trained by hospitality industry pros who have owned their own businesses
added to the value of this program. These gentlemen have done the training, the
hiring and the firing, so they have the inside scoop on how things work and who to
hire to get things done right the first time around. They were energetic and eager
to share this valuable information with all the participants. They answered every
question that was put to them and gave examples to reinforce the learning
experience. I’m pleased and impressed with the results. I recommend this program
❖ P. Sontag – Slate Hill, NY