Pleasantly surprised at all I learned in such a short time. I’m really glad I
took this course. I needed to go in an entirely new direction and I believe I
found my calling. Professional Bartending is just like being a chef. You’ve got a
lot of ingredients to work with and you can be as creative as you want. Like the
instructors said in class, Professional Mixology is really like cooking with
booze, chef-style – classic and handcrafted cocktails. I’m very satisfied with my
experience and am looking forward to putting all of this to use. Living in the
Poconos and very close to New York City gives me a lot of options for jobs for
whatever direction I decide to take. One thing is for for sure, I believe that
I’ve been trained by some of the very best in the Professional Bartender Industry
and feel very confident with all my skills and my ability to perform on the job.
So, I’m on it and would like to say thanks to all my instructors that made this
❖ J. Hortis – Stroudsburg, PA

Thank-you for a most lively and informative program. It was fun mixing all those
drinks and meeting all the great people. I took the course because I’m planning to
start by own Bartender Event and Catering Service. The section on how to set up
for doing functions like weddings, reunions, anniversaries and other types of
social events was very well presented. I know I can make some especially good
money at this, especially in the area I live. Your course has put me on the right
track. Money and time well invested. Thank-you for your time and lending your
❖ D. Collins – Tannersville, PA – Poconos Resorts

The Professional Bartender Program was very interesting and quite informative. I
found the instructors to be highly knowledgeable which I attribute to their owning
their own businesses. They really brought all the material together nicely and
covered all styles of mixing of drinks with all sorts of spirits including liquor,
cordials, wine and beer. Took advantage of a great opportunity to pay for the
course each session rather than a lump sum which is different from other programs.
And, I saved more because I didn’t have to drive a great distance to attend. So,
I’m really pleased with how everything worked out and look forward to put my new
skills to work here in the Poconos.
❖ R. Depew – Effort, PA

A lot of great info served up at a manageable pace. Patient and knowledge
instructors who like what they do. Top-shelf Mixology learned by doing was the
approach to learning, and boy did we practice and review a lot from session to
session. The Interviewing and Job-Search Workshop portion of the Professional
Bartender Program was a real plus, as I was a bit weak in that department. It was
presented in the same professional manner as the Mixology instruction – plenty of
practice, repetition and application. I feel up beat and confident with my
experience and can’t wait to start mixing it up. Plan to start locally and branch
out. In any case, I now have a skill that’s recession-proof that I can take
❖ C. Benjamin – Saylorsburg, PA

Knowing pretty much nothing about Professional Bartending when I started the
program, I believe that I left knowing more than most bartenders that I observe
when I go out, even at some of the nicest places. I’ve always wanted to become a
Professional Bartender and I’m glad I took this course when I had the opportunity
to do so, because the program has a national reputation and the instructors have
proven to be first class. Thanks for the opportunity to use the Easy Pay as you go
plan and thank-you for the letter of recommendation and interviewing skills. One
of my best investments, my confidence level is high after participating in this
❖ A. Ponce – Hazleton. PA

Excellent program on all counts: Reputation, hospitality industry and business
knowledge, instructors, practice sessions, interviewing & job search techniques,
and pay as you go opportunity. My pleasure to have taken part. Thank-you so much.
❖ C. Vines – Mt. Pocono, PA