Top-Shelf from start to finish – who, what, why, where, when, and how – all
explained in great detail, practiced and reviewed over and over again until it was
like automatic. I like to go all kinds of bars and have always wanted to learn how
to mix drinks professionally. Finally made some time to take the leap into the
world of Mixology. And timely it was just after just losing my job at a plant that
I had worked for years “unexpectedly” closed down. Well, I’ve got traveling papers
now and am going to relocate to the warm climate and start over. Warm is what I
want and I believe California or Florida is where I’ll go. I know that Wines,
Steins and Cocktails provided me with a great learning experience and that their
organization has graduates working in both those states and more. So, I’m packing,
going and want to say thank-you for a job well done.
❖ Wanderlust, Binghamton, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and looked forward to coming to all the sessions.
Plenty of hands-on practice and related activities were a plus. Easy to remember
doing it over and over again. Especially liked the fact that the instructors have
owned their own businesses. They could answer any questions we asked and were
willing to share their information in a constructive way. I also was pleased with
all the interviewing tips, because I have some interviews already lined up. Thankyou
for such an informative class and for supplying us with such good instructors.
Learned a lot and feel very confident.
❖ J. O’Rourke – Johnson City, NY

All the classes held my interest. Your company and the fine training that I
received helped me to get an excellent job at TGIF Fridays which will definitely
come in handy while pursuing my degree at the Syracuse University.
❖ W. Renwick – Syracuse, NY

I’m more than satisfied with my learning experience. Took both the Professional
Bartender Program and the National TPS Certification course as well, roughly 40
hours worth of hands-on instruction. Lively and well-informed instructors made all
of the sessions fun. Excellent teaching methods. Learned a vast amount of
information about the hospitality industry in a short period of time. Interviewing
and job-search was interwoven nicely into the course and discussed in some fashion
each week. All in all, a tremendous course that exceeded my expectations and
bolstered my confidence level.
❖ S. Bodtman – Susquehanna, PA

Enjoyed these programs more than any courses I’ve ever taken. The instructor led,
hands-on, Professional Bartender – Hospitality Training sessions were filled with
lots of information that only people who have actually ran their own businesses
could teach. I mean we learned a ton about all kinds of drink-making and cocktail
prep, but we also learned valuable info on chef-style Mixology and making fantastic
Classic Cocktails from scratch, Customer Service, Inventory Selection, Liquor Laws,
Job-Interviewing, and a lot more. The teachers were seasoned pros and presented
everything smoothly, moving from one topic or skill to the next. Everything
clicked by the end of all the sessions as promised. I’m confidently on my way to
some job interviews. Thanks for a great course.
❖ C. Furman – Owego, NY

Terrific job. Rate it a 99%, great instructors who were patient, knowledgeable,
hard-working and enthusiastic on our behalf for the entire length of the course
(Roughly 40-Hours with extra help at no cost if needed). Hands-on is the best way
to learn and we certainly got a tremendous amount of practice each session, and it
really showed by the time we all completed the program. Plenty of employment
opportunities in the Finger Lakes with professional mixology skills like these.
I’m certain that I will excel on any job because of the instruction that I have
received from Wines, Steins and Cocktails.
❖ K. Holst – Apalachin, NY

The quality of the program was great. The instructors really did an excellent job
teaching the material and was especially diligent when conducting the mixology
drills to make sure that everyone got what they came for. All in all, I’m pleased
with the results and feel confident about my new skills. I live close to a casino
and to the Finger Lakes tourist areas, so I feel good about all my prospects for
job opportunities and employment in general. Thank-you Wines, Steins and
❖ A. Prutisto – Vestal, NY