I’m a basketball coach and teacher by trade. Always looking to make some extra
cash on the side, but needed a flexible alternative. Professional Mixology has
filled the gap. I make $200 – $300 on average just to mix up some classic
cocktails for a special event like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, so the
investment in my training was small change compared to the hefty return. I have
Wines, Steins and Cocktails to thank for the superb training that gave me the
confidence to excel as a Professional Bartender. The Program has a great
reputation and the course is taught by people who own and consult to businesses. I
received a premium education with plenty of valuable information, both in the form
of extensive hands-on training and by way of well prepared teaching manuals (Yours
to keep for study & reference). The job-search skills presented throughout each
sector of the program really drove home key points and prepared me well for any
type of job interview.. And although an easy pay as you go plan is available, I
already knew what I was in store for and elected to pay in full. However, I think
that the offer is quite generous and I know that some of my classmates were pleased
with the option. Over all, as was advertised. In one word – Outstanding.
❖ J. Brown – Erie, PA

This class makes you a knowledgeable and much more proficient bartender. I
certainly can see the difference on the job, my confidence level has more than
doubled since taking the Wines, Steins and Cocktails Professional Bartender School.
The instructors were excellent, to the point, questions always welcomed. Manuals
and references materials in general were well written and informative. Along with
all the hands-on practice sessions, I was totally ready to go upon completion of
the course and have gotten the money I spent to participate back on a weekend’s
worth of work at the bar.
❖ K. Dunn – Harborcreek, PA

Found the Professional Bartender Program to be most informative. Having been a
bartender, I was amazed and pleased to see and learn all I had been missing. I’m
now more confident than ever, The course was a real eye-opener and an inexpensive
experience. The instructors and the training materials are cutting edge and up to
date. It was fun, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a skill that
pays well in a short period of time that’s presented by people who really know
their business inside out. Learning to pour from the top-shelf has helped while
doing work at several banquet and event facilities in the area.
❖ M. Rouzitti – Girard, PA

Having completed your Professional Bartender courses several years ago, and having
worked successfully at the mixing trades at a few establishments in various
capacities, I’ve now decided to engage in starting my own nightclub and
entertainment operation. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to offer your
expertise for my proposed business venture. Your timely response was greatly
appreciated. The information and business suggestions you have given me have
proved most useful in my plans. I’m interested in enrolling myself and perhaps a
few of my partners in your Entrepreneurial Express Workshop on How to Setup and Run
Your Own Bar & Nightclub Operation. Thanks for your input to date. I’ll keep in
touch with you and your staff on scheduling.
❖ N. Marinelli – Erie, PA