Work as a an electrician, but the down-turn in the economy put a squeeze on
building homes and my trade. Friends of mine said I would make a good bartender.
Did some research on schools and found Wines, Steins and Cocktails as a leader in
the industry. Signed up for the 44-hour program that included Professional
Mixology, TIPS and Showcase Flair-Bartender Certification Programs. What a well
designed presentation, with detailed instructional manuals, and some of the best
instructors that I’ve had for any learning experience. Taught by folks who have
businesses and have special programs to teach others how to operate their
establishments more proficiently. It was a pleasure to learn both upscale
Professional Bartending and Classic Mixology. from such a talented staff. I’m very
pleased to have gotten such an opportunity offered so close to where I live, and I
might add, at such a reasonable price. Many thanks.
❖ R. Serdinak – Hermitage, PA

I found the program to very informative and professional in every respect. From
good basics to everything you need to know to be a successful bartender was taught
in the class by knowledgeable instructors who own their own businesses and train
people for the Hospitality industry. I now feel confident that I can work in any
type of establishment, mix all sorts of drinks and do a good job. Thank you for
your assistance and for the flexible payment plan that helped make this possible.
❖ C. Sabo – Sharpsville, PA

The quality of this course was amazing. The company has great instructors and all
were very patient gentlemen. The teaching methods were super, unlike I’ve ever
experienced before. Everything was presented all hands-on. We practiced,
practiced, and reviewed over and over again. When I completed all 9 sessions of
the Professional Bartender Program, I had the knowledge to mix drinks and prepare
classic cocktails with a high degree of confidence. In addition, we got good
coaching on interviewing and direction on how and where to make best use of our
skills. For all these reasons I feel ready to work in any type of bar environment
and do a competent job. Thank-you WSC.
❖ J. Thompson – Mercer, PA

Top-notch instruction at a fair price. I learned so much from my instructors about
Professional Bartending. They were good listeners and answered all my questions.
We did much in the way of practice which was very helpful in learning all the
material. There are lots of interesting drinks, beer and wine to serve today. I
believe that my training, along with all the supplies and booklets that I received
from the program are exactly what I need to do a first rate job behind the bar.
Thanks for providing me with the knowledge and the confidence to do a good job.
❖ R. Carothers – Transfer, PA

The quality of the program is very well organized and quite easy to follow.
Instructors were patient, well mannered and articulate. The amount of actual
hands-on practice really makes this course a keeper. We mixed all kinds of drinks
over and over again until it we really got it. The bar manuals, the interviewing
sessions, and the the general hospitality-training were a plus. Also, I
appreciated the easy pay option as did many others in my class. I wouldn’t been
able to take part without it. Thank-you for the opportunity.
❖ T. Kirst – Greenville, PA