What a memorable experience and exciting delivery on a wealth of valuable info on
the Bartender-Mixology Professions. After taking this course and working with such
knowledgeable instructors, I’m confident that good things are just around the
corner for becoming successfully employed in my new line of work. I’ve been out
around town, small and large establishments, and I can see that the mixing skills,
bar-smarts, and service capabilities that I have acquired will out-class most of
the competition. I’m totally ready to make the transition and look forward to all
the personalities that conduct the interviews. Would recommend this course to any
one who wants to learn what it really takes to become a top-shelf bartender.
Thanks for the informative hands-on training and the opportunity to jump-start a
new career.
❖ B. Nestor – Massillon, OH

The WSC Professional Bartender Program and the Flair-Master Bartender Course are
both excellent…Period! The instructors, method of presentation, and the materials
given to each participant are first class. The tuition for both the 36-hour and
44-hour hands-on programs are more than reasonable in relationship to all that was
delivered. The interviewing and job-search portions of the program were also A-1.
The fact that the company and its programs have been in existence for almost 30
years makes its reputation and that of its graduates all the more credible.
Overall, just a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the
training to anyone who would like to become a Professional Mixologist.
❖ T. Cunningham – Lisbon, OH

Very informative and very entertaining, this was a professionally taught program
sponsored by the local Steel Industry for some of our union employees. The
instructors really came across with their presentation and made it a success for
everyone. They brought a lot of energy and information to each and every session.
Will be moving on from my current position and am looking forward to stating
active and making some income to supplement my retirement. After some research, I
believe that working as a Professional Bartender is the answer. The pay is good
especially with tips and all. And it’s a highly mobile trade with flexible hours
that I can take anywhere and at any age. I plan on relocating to a warmer climate
so taking this course was an ideal move.
Thanks for the great learning opportunity.
❖ J. Dillie – Colliers, WV

Confident I’ll get a good return on my investment. The quality of the Professional
Bartender – Hospitality Training Program that I recently took was a tremendous
learning experience. I learned the trade in an all hands-on fashion, the only way
to go for credibility if you want to work with confidence. The materials and
instructional manuals were well designed and the teachers were excellent. All the
instructors were business owners and knew the bar and nightclub business insideout.
They were knowledgeable, courteous and answered all questions. The
interviewing and job-search workshop included with the Bartender Program was an
added bonus that was taught with the same level of professionalism. Really pleased
with the performance. Thank-you for your time.
❖ B. Brown – Toronto, OH

The quality and reputation of this program is very professional, and it was clear
to everyone in class that they were in store for a beneficial experience. The
instructors were highly qualified and well versed in all aspects of the bar
industry. They have also owned their own businesses and gave us a lot of valuable
pointers on how to really stand out on the job, how to provide exceptionally good
customer service, and how to make much more money on the job. I was pleased with
the reference manuals we received and all the hands on work that we did each
session. The combination of all these things made this one of the best learning
opportunities I’ve ever enjoyed. Thanks to the WSC and their staff.
❖ K. Fazi – Steubenville – OH

Professional Bartender and Mixology complete. Excellent program that was taught by
industry pros in an upbeat, all hands-on presentation format. It would take some
doing to provide a better learning experience than what I received form Wines,
Steins and Cocktails. Lots of valuable incite on getting jobs across the
hospitality industry, including casinos, resorts and cruise ships. The ABC’s on
how to get the job and to excel was also discussed in great detail. Great stuff,
great learning experience.
❖ D. Hilliard – Weirton, WV