❖ E. Snyder – Seward, PA

I just wanted to thank-you for the superb training that I received from Wines,
Steins & Cocktails. I knew absolutely nothing about mixing drinks before taking
your class, however upon completing your program, I’ve been hired to work in one of
our town’s finest restaurants. Thanks to your training and job guidance, the
transition after a recent down-sizing at my company has been a smooth one. Thanks
again for making it possible to pursue a life-changing career.
❖ J. Toth – Johnstown, PA

Fantastic instructors, great hands-on learning experience, and a fabulous easy pay
as you go plan. I took the class to help pay for my college and work my summers at
the beach. Got my eyes on a job with the Seven Springs Resort upon completion of
the program. Wines, Steins and Cocktails has had a number of graduates work at the
resort over the years, so I’m very confident and excited to get started. Thank-you
for your help.
❖ B. Baxter – Windber, PA

Thought the hands-on practice, amazing demonstrations, and the energy of our
instructors really made this course. The instructors’ expertise was evident
immediately. Been to a lot upscale bars and nightclubs in my day, but I never saw
so much in the way of Pro Bartender excellence. Soaked up all that was possible
over the 36-hour course and then elected to take the TIPS and Showcase-Flair
Bartender Programs. All three were delightful and equally informative experiences.
I now feel confident enough to approach any style of bar and to apply for a job.
Plan to move to Pittsburgh and then perhaps to Washington D.C. This trade will
definitely get me there. Thanks WSC.
❖ M. Templin – Richland, PA

As someone who works in Food Service and Restaurant Management, I feel that my
knowledge has more than doubled after participating in the Wines, Steins and
Cocktails Professional Bartender School. The teaching methods and lectures,
coupled with a healthy amount of actual practice made learning easier and a lot of
fun. We had a tremendous turn-out for the occasion, yet the instructors were
patient with everyone. They were consistent in their approach each and every
session, building and reviewing on what we had learned prior. Over all, it was a
productive learning environment. I’m pleased I decided to enroll into such a
reputable program. The skills and the credentials that received are good additions
to my resume, and at a most reasonable price.
❖ L. Sarver – Johnstown, PA

Thank-you for accommodating my schedule and providing me with the opportunity to
take this course and get the skills I needed to become a Professional Bartender. I
currently work at Applebee’s and am planning to work at Seven Springs or Hidden
Valley Resorts. Now I have exactly the training and credentials to give me the
edge thanks to all the hands-on practice and experience that I received. I signed
up for the 36-hour program, yet was given much more time and attention for
developing my skills for which i am very grateful. I also appreciate the flexible
payment plan, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity in achieving my goal
for some time now. It was just a great program from beginning to end. I feel very
confident in my skills. Thank-you
❖ J. Keller – Somerset, PA

A good course packed with plenty of handy and up to date information on the
Professional Bartender Trade. Also, plenty of actual practice which counts for
developing some amazing skills. The instructors answered any question and were
considerate of everyone who took part. I took the 36 hour Professional Mixology
Program which I opted on the Easy Pay as You Go Plan. Very reasonable and very
manageable for everything I received from the course in the way of books, supplies
and instruction. Without any hesitation, I recommend this program to anyone who
wants to learn to become a Professional Bartender.
❖ V. Stock – Cresson, PA