Very enjoyable and extremely instructive program. Drilling is the only way to go
if you want to develop plenty of confidence, especially when learning to prepare
all those Latin, Island and Tiki cocktails. Your course was one of the main reasons
I got my job at the Pier Nightclub. And although they showed me a few things to do
at their establishment, it can’t compare with all the inside tips and upscale
mixing techniques that I learned in your course. I’m as polished as any of the
bartenders on the job who have worked there for years. Thanks to the great
training that I received from the instructors at Wines, Steins & Cocktails, I’m
making excellent money regularly that I’m socking away for college, a habit that I
see long-term each summer and during the school year. I’m very happy to have taken
your program and I want to thank all of you very much.
❖ C. Schrader – Niagara Falls, NY

Greetings from sunny Sarasota and the Florida Gulf Coast. I’ve poured drinks at
several establishments on my journey from New York to Florida, but the nicest by
far is the Dry Dock Water Front Bar & Grill on the Long Boat Key. Good food and
drink, beautiful beach and fantastic people. Professional Bartending made all this
possible as I was stuck working in a factory for years. After things closed down
on a moment’s notice, I decided to get involved in something that’s recessionproof,
is mobile, in demand, and pays good money. I’m glad that I took the plunge
and never looked back. Thanks to the great training and reputation of Wines,
Steins and Cocktails, I was prepared for all my interviews and any kind of drink
preparation called for. Great course on all counts. Feel free to stop by on your
next visit to the Sunshine State. Thanks to all my instructors and wishing Wines,
Steins and Cocktails much continued success.
❖ D. Watson – Sarasota, Florida

Both I and my friend are teachers. Therefore, we believe that we can recognize good
instruction and an organized program when we see one. All of the instructors made
learning fun. Plenty of inside information, lots of practice, and instructors who
knew how to transfer a lot of valuable material in an amazing short period of time.
From the onset, the program is definitely job-oriented, what specific skills you
need, and how to position yourself to get a satisfying job fast. There was always
reference as to how to do something correctly, any important variations that you
should be aware, and where you would most likely put it to use. The books and
related materials were well laid out, up to date, and easy to follow. The
employment and interviewing work-shop that accompanied the program was icing on the
cake. Upon completion of the course, we felt confident and competent with our new
skills. Looking forward to part-time employment in our community and to creating a
successful bartender event service. Many thanks to all the staff of Wines, Steins
and Cocktails for a fun-filled learning experience.
❖ R. Craig – Columbus, OH

I had been beer-tending for several years and getting no where. I’ve always wanted
to move up to the glamor and the big money, so I decided take a Professional
Bartender Program. I am sure glad that I did, because I’m now working at one of
the largest and most popular nightclubs in Buffalo. I can’t say enough good things
about my experience with Wines, Steins and Cocktails. All the instructors were
gentlemen, very knowledgeable and extremely talented. They made a lot of material
easy to understand and provided plenty of hands-on practice to develop my skills.
I stepped right into a high-volume night club immediately after completing the
course. The interviewing methods that I learned came in very handy. I was really
prepared and confident on my employment interview. In fact, the questions were
almost exactly like those we practiced in class. Everything was clear and easy to
understand and it showed when I got behind the bar. I’ve made great money, got my
tuition back for the course the first week-end on the job. I recommend this course
to everyone who wants to become a real Professional Bartender.
❖ D. Rodriguez – Buffalo, NY

Wanted to thank you for such an informative Professional Bartender Program. Your
course was the main reason I got hired at an upscale nightclub while I’m attending
Virginia Tech to pursue my engineering degree. As you had noted, I’m making some
great money, about $150 plus a shift and having the time of my life. Your advice
on interviewing was right on the mark and had no problem securing the job. Thankyou
for your time and knowledge in helping prepare me for the opportunity.
❖ M. Crowe – Richmond, VA