Quality program – very informative, well taught, worth the time and the money
invested. All the instructors were pros, owners of businesses and consultants to
the bar and hospitality industries. Teaching methods were fun, kept your attention
and encouraged you to learn more. Lots of current and relevant material in the
instruction manuals, including how to get the job, which was presented in great
detail. Wines, Steins and Cocktails helped me and a number of my classmates get
work at the resorts in and around our community. Thank-you and much gratitude for
your kind assistance.
❖ A. Gould – East Stroudsburg, PA – Poconos Resorts

The Wines, Steins and Cocktails Pro Bartender Program was an outstanding
experience. The price was right, the instructors were great, and the materials
they gave us as part of the course were very well organized for all of the class
sessions. What I especially liked was that the instructors treated all of us with
respect and answered all questions with enthusiasm. This program proved to be
everything that I was looking for and really lived up to its reputation. I’ve
already used the job and interviewing skills that came as a bonus with the course
and am looking to start working soon in the resorts located nearby. Thanks for a
great outcome.
❖ S. Fisher – Bartonsville, PA

Thank-you for teaching such an informative class. The in-depth discussion about
liquor origins and the demonstrations on updated mixing techniques was refreshing,
even though I had already been a bartender several years prior to taking the
class. Also, the coaching for job interviews, running my own bartending service,
and how to increase my tip potential were right on target. I was able to secure a
position at the upscale, University Station Lounge, immediately upon completion and
feel so much more at ease behind the bar since taking your course. Much thanks.
❖ E. Hrichak – Bethlehem, PA

Wines, Steins & Cocktails makes learning Professional Bartending a snap. My
instructors answered all my questions promptly and completely. The manuals
contained hundreds of fantastic drinks, all made easy by learning the concepts that
applied to each group. From there, it was mix, mix, mix. Lots and lots of practice
really refined my skills, so much so, that coming to the completion of my program,
I went out with my friends and watched a lot of people working to see how my new
skills measured up. All I can say is, I sure am confident about my ability to get
a job at any kind of establishment and to really perform well. The whole
experience has been positive, and the payment system was awesome . Other schools
wanted a whole lot more for their bartender programs and everything had to be paid
for in advance. And, they didn’t teach anywhere near what I learned and practiced
with WSC. This wasn’t the case in my situation which made it possible to afford
something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know there’s good money to be
made in this trade and now I’ve got the skills to do it. Thank you so much.
❖ N. Stiner – Williamsport, PA

Got a bartender position at Genetti’s Hotel & Suites right after completing the
Professional Bartender and TIPS Training Programs. Couldn’t be more pleased with
the outcome. I learned more than I expected from some really sharp instructors.
The teachers had an in-depth understanding of Professional Mixology and the bar
and nightclub industry, having run their own businesses. Standardized drink making
and advanced cocktail preparation was taught throughout the program in an entirely
hands-on fashion. We mixed for hours each session and reviewed and learned more
with each class that followed. By the completion of the course, I could mix with
confidence and competence. And, I could interview the same way. I was prepared
for my job from day one. It was a pleasure to have attended your programs.
❖ S. Bover – South Williamsport

Superb instruction, clear, easy & concise, and, for half the cost I was quoted by
other bartender schools. The reference books and related materials were well
prepared and of excellent quality. All the instruction was top-shelf. The
emphasis on hands-on mixing, polishing technique, and interviewing savvy builds
your confidence fast. The pay as you go plan was a real life-saver and afforded me
an instant opportunity to better myself. Thank-you for such a well-taught program.
I’ve already secured a job that I’m quite pleased with just after completing your
❖ L. Himes – Philadelphia, PA