This program was a tremendous help to me. Having already been a bartender for some
time, I quickly became aware of the amount of training that I needed to really
become a Professional Mixologist. Most people are totally unaware of the vast
amount of knowledge and ability that a Pro Bartender literally has at their
fingertips. The instructors at Wines, Steins and Cocktails provided me the
background and skills that are needed to feel confidant and competent in any mixing
situation. All the instructors have owned and operated their own businesses,
they’ve done the hiring and the firing, so they know and could teach first-hand
everything about what it takes to be employable and to excel in the Professional
Bartender trade. And, we didn’t talk about it, we practiced it every session, and
it really showed by the completion of the course. I’m sincerely pleased with the
outcome and it has helped be get some really good jobs that I wouldn’t have even
considered before taking this course. I recommend the WSC Bartender Program to
anyone, including beer-tenders and bar-owners to take this course. It will give
you the skills and confidence to get a great job and be in the position to make a
lot more money for your time.
❖ D. Altemus – Blairsville, PA

Very lively and enjoyable program. Always looked forward to coming to each
session. Relaxed learning atmosphere. Plenty of hands-on practice with a
fantastic group of instructors. All were very patient, well informed about the
trade of Professional Bartending and the business aspects needed to run a bar
operation successfully. I feel that I have learned enough from the program to
bartend professionally. I believe that all the extra materials and insight that
came with the course has provided me with the background to manage as well.
❖ M. Koma – Rural Valley, PA

My evaluation of this program is excellent. It was very informative and realistic
in its approach to becoming a Professional Bartender. The lessons were very well
planned and all aspects of Mixology were demonstrated and practiced for hours each
session. The instructors were helpful and willing to give individual help before,
during and after class if needed. The price was right, very reasonable with a
payment plan and held close to where I live. Couldn’t be more satisfied and highly
recommend. Thank-you for such a great experience and such good instructors.
❖ T. Rosenberg – Homer City, PA

Exceptional course in Professional Mixology and Hospitality Training. In every
way, this was a “Top-Shelf” learning experience including: the atmosphere,
instructors, teaching methods, bar manuals, discussions, and hours upon hours of
hands-on practice to develop our bartender skills. Got a wonderful job at the
Sunnehanna Country Club immediately upon completing the program. Everything I
wanted and more. Thank-you.