I feel the Professional Bartender Program was very worthwhile. With all the
knowledge and practice that I received, I’m confident about pursuing this trade as
an entirely new career, rather than just a part-time job. My instructors were topflight.
Not only where they patient and gave of their knowledge freely, they are
actual business owners who taught everything in the manner that you’ll use it on
the job. They even offered additional assistance before and after regularly
scheduled time if you wanted to practice more or had any questions. All in all, it
was a great experience and I wouldn’t change anything. There are plenty of job
opportunities within striking distance, especially in Bedford at the casinos and
resort hotel complex. Much Thanks WSC.
❖ C. Kick – Portage, PA

Extremely informative class packed with lots of valuable info on all aspects of
Professional Bartending and Hospitality Management. All the instructors prepared
us well for bartender positions working in any type of establishment. I was really
impressed with how much fun learning can be when you’re taught by folks who are
passionate about what they do for a living. It was important that I had the
opportunity to do as much practice as possible, because that’s how I learn best.
When I called to inquiry about the course, I was assured that I would get a real
wok-out at each session. Well, that was an understatement. I want to thank WSC
and its instructors for all the hours we spent each session preparing cocktails of
sorts and designs. I’m totally pleased with how quickly I was able to absorb the
material. My confidence level is high, so I feel the investment in my training was
well worth it. Plan to relocate and/or back go to school. Professional Bartending
will provide with the funds and the time to do so.
❖ B. Drangel – Brookville, PA

Got a great job at Tofttrees Resort & Country Club immediately upon returning to
Penn State. Your training and reputation certainly made the difference for me
getting the job as I was hired upon completion of my interview. I’m a pre-med
student, so the money sure comes in handy. We have two bars, the Eagle (more
casual), and the LePappillion that caters to the upscale crowd. We also have a
large banquet center that caters to all kinds of functions, from weddings,
anniversaries, college and political events. What I learned and practiced in your
program prepared me more than adequately for what’s turned out to be a wonderful
experience. Thank-you for the outstanding program.
❖ K. Houghton – State College, PA

After much consideration I elected to go back to college to become a teacher. The
training WSC provided opened up a lot of possibilities for me. With your
assistance, I’ve snagged several great paying part-time positions that work
extremely well with my busy school schedule. The money is great. Some nights I
make more on one shift than I did working at Wal-Mart for 4 nights on the job.
Also, I get a good which saves on food cost. Overall the jobs are fun. I’m
getting to enjoy my night-life and still get my education without going broke. Now
entering my last year in college, I have virtually debt-free to after graduation. I
might add that the country club work provided me with an opportunity to network a
position after graduation. I have also managed to run my own bartender service on
the side and am making roughly $200 – $300 per outing. Thank-you for all your help
and guidance.
❖ G. Gitzen – Butler, PA

I just graduated from college and will be pursuing graduate school. The
Professional Bartender program was a wonderful learning experience and will provide
the funds that I’ll need to eventually relocate and pay for my living expenses.
The reputation of your company and its fine instructors helped me land a job at
the Sheraton (North Pittsburgh) in the interim. Thank-you for the opportunity.
❖ C. Hoehn – Cranberry, PA

My program was top-notch in every respect. Outstanding teachers that were wellinformed
and had a great sense of humor. Especially enjoyed the mixing aspect of
the course. It’s the only way to learn to become a Professional Bartender. Spent
about 40 hours worth of hands-on practice polishing my skills. The instructors
were patient with me and everyone in class. Even provided extra time for more
practice and questions before and after each session. The other thing I especially
enjoyed was the practice we did in the job search and interviewing workshop. These
exercises were like the real thing and were well done. I believe what I learned in
these classes will definitely give me an advantage. I’ve already been out and
around, and I can feel my confidence growing with each visit to the finest in
dining and night spots.
❖ N. Stiner – West Sunbury, PA