In one word — Great!
❖ J. Bettberg – Endwell, NY

Great all round program! I had a few friends that had taken this course over the
years who went right to work and have done very well for themselves. The course
covered everything including how to get the job. The information and work-books
were relevant and up to date, and the amount of hands-on practice each session
exceeded my expectations. The instructors were exceptional, very knowledgeable and
extremely patient with everyone who needed help or had questions. I currently work
for a major television station, but needed a good paying second job that’s flexible
enough to fit in with my busy schedule. This experience really worked out well for
me because it was inexpensive and was held close to where I live. I felt confident
on all my interviews and got a job within a week of finishing my program. A
special thanks to my instructors and the staff at Wines, Steins & Cocktails.
❖ R. Hatch – Elmira Heights, NY

I participated in all 3 programs: Professional Mixology, TIPS, and the Flair-Master
Bartender. Each course was a unique experience and it was very clear from the
onset that the instructors knew their stuff. They explained everything in detail
about the art of making classic cocktails, extensive knowledge about all the
different types of liquors and liqueurs, and provided us with many hours to
practice what we were learning each session. Actually mixing all those drinks is
what makes the difference if you want to get a job and perform with confidence.
The TIPS Program gave me an excellent understanding of the laws for responsibly
serving alcohol in both public and private settings and how I can use this
credential to make even more money by running my own bartender event service. An
added bonus was the interviewing and job-search tips that I put to immediate use
and helped me land a job upon completing the program. Great investment in my
future at a small cost, one that I’m sure will reap me some big benefits. Thankyou
for the fun and informative opportunity.
❖ J. Peaslee – Corning, NY

I already work as a bartender, but knew that there’s plenty of new material out
there today that had to be mastered if I wanted to step up and really have what it
takes to work a premium bar operation. The Professional Bartender and Hospitality-
Training Program that I took from Wines, Steins and Cocktails was the solution. I
did the research and found them not only to be leaders in the industry, but have
served the Finger Lakes region for over 25 years. The training I received was topshelf
in every respect. The instructors are owners of businesses and taught
everything as you would use it on the job. Excellent teaching methods, all handson
practice drink preparation sessions, lots of review, and well designed teaching
materials made this a great investment in my future. I participated in the
Professional Mixology, TIPS, and Flair-Bartender Programs, approximately 46 hours
of instruction. Took advantage of the school’s very generous easy pay as you go
plans, which made my experience all the more affordable. A sincere thank-you from
me and all my classmates from the Finger Lakes area.
❖ J. Landon – Watkins Glen, NY

The Professional Mixology Program, its staff of instructors and all the materials I
received for participating, was outstanding. Class act, everything went smoothly.
Most knowledgeable teachers, experts in their profession and the hospitality
industry. All the sessions were presented and taught hands-on. We mixed drinks
for several hours each session. All the practice and the review really paid off as
I’m off to several interviews this forthcoming week. I feel confident and
competent with my new mixing skills and am sure that I’ll be a success on my new
job. Thanks for a tremendous learning opportunity.
❖ M. Marcellus – Big Flats, NY

Upbeat, extremely well taught program by seasoned professionals. Instructors were
friendly, patient and all inclusive, especially since the turnout is consistently
good for this organization. I enjoyed the hands-on approach that was used in all
the sessions that I attended, participating in over 40 hours of instruction, which
included the Professional Mixology, TIPS and Flair-Bartender training programs.
All were interesting and on the cutting edge of what’s new and what’s hot in the
bartending trade from around the country. Appreciated all the informative
materials and reference manuals supplied with the course for our keeping and
reference. From drink recipes in general to the preparation of classic cocktails,
measurements, glassware, inventory selection, event bartending service know-how,
and more is contained in our study guides. I now feel equipped to do a stand out
job and look forward to all the opportunities to put my skills to work.
❖ K. Kinsley – Waverly, NY