The Professional Bartender and Flair Master Bartender Programs put on by Wines,
Steins and Cocktails were awesome. Anyone who wants to learn cutting-edge Mixology
should look into this course. The instructors are the best that I’ve worked with
in any learning situation. Everything was taught hands-on, step by step, in a way
that you can learn a lot and relate to fast. The teachers were very patient,
welcomed everyone’s questions, and provided extra help before and after each
session. I give this program an A+ and recommend it to anyone who wants to become
a Mixology Pro or wants to buy and run their own bar business.
❖V. Mitchell – Pine Bush – NY

Fantastic, fun, and professional learning experience. Wines, Steins and Cocktails
Mixology and Hospitality-Training put on a lively hands-on course (36 hours) of
drinking making, signature mixology, craft-beer, wine, and event planning
instruction that set me right up for an immediate job at the Villa Roma Resort
Hotel and Conference Center. Wonderful learning experience at a fair price. Even
had an easy pay as you go plan if you preferred. Recommend this program to anyone
who wants to learn to become a real Professional Bartender-Mixologist.
❖ D. Halloran – Callicoon -NY

The program was most educational and a lot of fun. I especially liked the hands-on
practice, because it really helped me pick up on things fast and remember more of
what I learned each session. I really like the materials I received and the
opportunity to make payments. Also, the job and interviewing skills really helped
me with my confidence level. Because the gentlemen who taught the program ran
their own businesses, they provided everyone some real incite as to what to expect
on an interview and how to conduct ourselves and answer questions in a fashion that
will make us look and sound professional. Throughout the entire course, from
beginning to end, we were coached on how and why we do things behind the bar and
packaged in a fashion that would give employers more reasons to hire us. I’m in
the middle of two casino areas and fairly close to New York City, so I’ve got a lot
of options and a lot of plans. I’m excited and feel ready because I took your
program. Much Thanks to WSC and its fine instructors.
❖ S. Louis – Port Jervis, NY

Wines, Steins and Cocktails and their instructors run an ultra-professional
Bartender and Wine School. Really enjoyed the teaching methods and all the
practice which helped develop my skills that I’ve put to immediate use. Already
got my money out of this course many times over. All the instructional materials
were handy, well-prepared and easy to relate to for study. The flexible payment
plan was good for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take part. I felt
that the interviewing practice and all the job tips were especially well presented.
I believe that I was well prepared for my interviews and as a result made it
possible to ease into a great job. Super learning experience. Thank-you.
❖ P. Van Ambaugh – Montgomery, NY

The quality of this program in my opinion was really great. The instructors made
you feel welcomed right away. They were very knowledgeable and spent additional
time before and after regularly scheduled time to work with you on whatever you
wanted to practice. All of the instructional materials were prepared with the
participant in mind. They were very well organized, followed the lessons as
planned, and are a great resource for reference. I really found the job-search and
interviewing practice especially helpful, as I was never exposed to this kind of
information in the manner it was presented before. Very enlightening and a real
boost for my confidence level. I elected to take the course on the easy pay as you
go plan. I really appreciate the opportunity to do so, since this made it
affordable for me so that I could finally become a Professional Bartender. Much
thanks for the opportunity.
❖ S. Calliard – Goshen, NY

I’m a recent graduate of your Professional Bartender School that was conducted in
Middletown, NY. I just wanted to write to express my sincere appreciation for
providing me the opportunity to acquire my training so close to where I live. The
program was nothing less than excellent. My instructors prepared me for my new
profession exactly in the manner your company promised. I picked up two jobs
within 10 days of completing your course, one working part-time at a nightclub,
typically making between $150-$175 a shift, and another doing events for a private
caterer, making $200 – $300 an occasion. Having recently lost my job prior to
taking your program, I can’t thank you enough for the direction and encouragement
your company and its instructors have provided. It was a bit scary being in my
late fifties without a job, but I believe that I now have a new career and a
recession-proof trade to lean on for the foreseeable future. I am indebted.
Thank-you all for your assistance.
❖ G. Blum – Middletown, NY