Wanted to thank your instructors for doing such a fine job in training my entire
staff of bartenders on the professional aspects of Mixology. I could see the
difference immediately in their delivery and have been complemented on numerous
occasions on the quality of their work. Also, getting all my bartenders and
serving staff TIPS Certified has been a definite plus in getting my liability
insurance costs reduced. And, of course, the total investment was tax-deductible.
I’ve informed other bar owners in the area about my experience and will continue
to recommend your organization. Thank-you and keep up the great work.
❖ H. Swartzlander – Cipriani’s Restaurant – Ravenna, OH

The Mixology Program was fun, in depth and easy to understand because of the
terrific instructors that we had for each session. Since they all owned their own
businesses, they really taught a great course and shared a lot of practical on the
job information with all of us. In addition, they spent a lot of time helping us
to develop our skills by running drills and practicing our drinks. We mixed for
several hours each session, so it didn’t take long for it to sink in. Together
with all the mixing practice, we were taught how to interview from both a job
candidate’s and the hiring manager’s views. Found this to be a most unique and
realistic approach to how to get a job. Overall, the course was very informative
and a lot of fun, the kind you look forward to going to because the teachers and
the material holds your attention. Highly recommend this great learning
❖ A. Robinson – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I’ve been bartending for some time, but wanted to learn Professional Mixology.
Found this program to be a real find. The instructors were the best I’ve
experienced and their teaching methods made it is easy to remember all kinds of
valuable information that can be used immediately on the job. The hand-outs and
bar manuals we received really helped with all the mixing practice and were filled
with pretty much every kind of drink recipe that I’ll ever need to be able to work
in the places where you can make some real money.
❖ K. Ball – Alliance, OH

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff of Wines, Steins and
Cocktails for the opportunity to participate in such a lively and informative
program. A great performance of instructor led, reinforced hands-on learning with
actionable steps needed to achieve our goal of becoming a confidant and competent
pro bartender job candidates. I’m sure that all my classmates would agree that we
got a lot for our money and can look forward to getting a good return on our
investment. Thank you all so much.
❖ K. Boylen – North Canton, OH

I learned a tremendous amount of material and acquired some great skills in the
process. I wish my high school and college classes were as interesting and my
instructors had such passion in what they taught. You could see and feel from the
onset that this was a well thought out and classy program, one that has a history
of training not only professional bartenders, but the full scope of hospitality
personnel. The instructors had a vast knowledge of food & beverage, nightclub,
pub, and bar operations. They welcomed literally all kinds of questions, from
interviewing & job search, to working in casinos, aboard cruise ships, how much
income to anticipate, how to run your own bartender event service, and plenty more.
All our teachers owned their own businesses, so they spoke and trained you to
standards that they know will work, because they practice them daily. I’m
confidant, ready and thankful after taking part in Wines, Steins and Cocktails
Professional Bartender & Mixology Programs.
❖ A. Bennett – Hartville, Ohio

I do believe that the instruction that I received has not only more than adequately
prepared me to work confidently as a Professional Mixologist, but has prepared me
to seamlessly move into a nightclub or food & beverage management position. Your
instructors are phenomenal teachers. They’re very patient, knowledgeable – no
question went unanswered and I know in conversation with all my classmates that it
was appreciated. Yet, no matter how great your skills are, you got to be able to
present them, to sell yourself effectively to get the job. This was obviously
considered in advance when Wines, Steins and Cocktails developed their program.
The theme and topics presented at each session addressed the how, why and where
you were most likely to make use of all your skills, and how to present them in the
most favorable manner to a wide variety of employers. WSC and the folks who
represent them truly offered a unique and complete learning experience. Thanks for
all the confidence and the great on the job performance skills.
❖ M. Jackson II – Canton, OH