Both I and my brothers took all 3 courses, but on separate occasions for the
purpose of making some extra cash and to help finance our educations. Our
investment in the programs worked out well. We have been employed at the Radisson
Hotel and have done a good job. I owe this to the fine training and teaching
methods that I received from the instructors from Wines, Steins and Cocktails. I
believe that the hands-on training that we performed for hours each session was the
best way to learn and retain everything that was presented. The bar manuals and
other supplies that we received as part of the course were put together well, so it
was easier to learn all the mixing techniques and drink recipes. We also covered
some other important topics like running your own bartender event service so you
can make even more money on the side in addition to your regular bartender job.
Really liked all of the job-search and interviewing tips that were discussed at
the employment workshop that was part of these programs. I’m totally pleased with
my experience and my confidence level on the job after taking part.
❖ J. Sutton – Painted Post, NY

Excellently done on all counts. The design of the program, the instructors and
supporting materials were everything that I was looking for in a Professional
Bartender and Hospitality-Training Program. Took the Mixology, TIPS and Flair-
Bartender courses and couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for making this happen in
the immediate area. Look forward to some instruction from your Beer and Wine
Academy in the future.
❖ D. Davis – Addison, NY

A fine set of hands-on training programs for becoming a Professional Bartender-
Mixologist. All the details from mixing to interviewing for any type of position
and how to really perform on the job with confidence was covered in these courses.
The easy pay as you go plans were the best. I and some of my classmates would not
have been able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity had we not had such
a generous easy pay as you go plans. I looked forward to every class. The
instructors were trade and industry knowledgeable and taught from a lot of personal
experience. The hands-on format couldn’t be beat. I was able to learn so much
interacting and making the drinks over and over again with all the folks in class.
Really had a great time and will look you up on your next visit for some advanced
courses in hospitality training. I’m particularly interested on ” How to Setup and
Run Your own Nightclub, Pub, or Bar Operation”.
❖ J. Bianco – Montour Falls, NY

Thought the Professional Bartender Program was awesome. Lots of fun, very
interesting stuff, and really easy to follow, because of the great teachers and the
step-by-step instruction on how to ‘build” all kinds of classic cocktails. The
course was even more credible, because all of the instructors have owned businesses
and show you how to do things from actual experience. I’m especially pleased to
have been able to pay as you go. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take part
in such a great course. Would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become
a professionally trained and certified bartender. For that matter, there’s quite a
few beer-tenders and sort that should take advantage of this program and really up
there skills. I’ve already been offered two jobs at really nice places on the
strength of the reputation of your company and the fine interviewing skills that
your instructors shared in class. Much thanks.
❖ E. Iezzi – Scranton, PA

From Classic Cocktails to Flair-Bartending and fancy Shot-Making, it was all
covered in the WSC Professional Bartender School. Our instructors were real pros,
very patient and very willing to share their knowledge with everyone in class.
Practice makes perfect and we mixed drinks for almost the whole class during every
one of the sessions. It didn’t take long to see the difference between beertending
and Pro-Bartending. Along with the TIPS course and the Job-Search and
Interviewing Workshop, I was able to connect with a job immediately after
completing the program at the Elmhurst Inn. Fast, complete and fairly priced.
Thanks for the informative program.
❖ D. Roman – Moscow, PA