Instruction was very clear and concise. The hands-on training is most effective.
The teachers were ultra-professional in their methods and well informed.
Instructional manuals well researched and up to date. The interviewing prep was
well designed, thoughtful and to the point. TIPS is tops in its class for
responsible server training of alcoholic beverages in both public and private
settings. A most useful and informative learning experience.
❖ E. Foulk Bear, DE

Great info, classy demonstrations and a superb hands-on experience. Well versed
hospitality pros for instructors with cutting-edge teaching methods. Couldn’t help
learning for all the practice, roughly 40 hours hands on rep and review. Bar
manuals are a treasure trove of information on all aspects of Professional
Bartending and Mixology. The Job-Search Workshop was a real bonus and a touch of
class. Very enlightening and should be taught in schools. Was thoroughly
prepared to take an interview with any individual or group, and at any kind of
establishment upon completion of the sessions. I’m now equipped with what I need
to get a great job and also have the know-how to run my own professional bartender
service for an extra source of income if I like. Great job WSC.
❖ J. Cimino – Newark, DE

I thought this program was very helpful and interesting for anyone who wants to
become a Professional Bartender. I didn’t know what to expect initially and
appreciate the great learning opportunity. The instruction and the instructors
were inspirational. They were glad to assist you and answer your questions. The
mixing manuals were very complete and easy to follow, which made the learning
experience even more pleasurable. TIPS training, customer service, and the
interviewing pointers that we received were icing on the cake. Feel confident with
my new skills as originally promised. Thank-you.
❖ A. Roark – Chaddsford, PA

This program was phenomenal. The instruction alone was worth the price. Add in
the bar manuals, the flair, and the interviewing workshop and it was a great deal.
Plus, it was sponsored locally close to home. Top-shelf instructors who were
always available and willing to help. Teaching methods were most effective,
because learning was hands-on, and repetition and actionable steps to develop your
skills were practiced throughout the entire course. I’m thoroughly confident that
I’ll be working upscale soon. With sincere thanks for a class act.
❖ R. Guthrie – Claymont, DE

Excellent Class! Thoroughly knowledgeable instructors. I learned a great deal
even after bartending for over 2 years. Most definitely time and money well spent.
It’s not uncommon to make what I paid for the course in a day or two on the job.
Although I and my friends were able to pay our tuition in full, I feel the easy
pay as you go plans were an additional perk that afford some of our classmates the
opportunity to take part in such a great program as well. Thank-you for a valuable
❖ B. Lockwood – Dover, DE

Got a great job working at a high-end restaurant in Philadelphia, right after
completing your course. The customer service and up-selling skills that I learned
as part of the Mixology program really came in handy. Not only did my customers
appreciate the attention, but rewarded me with a regular stream of much appreciated
tip money. On average, I work 30 hours a week and take home between $500 to $700.
I’m pleased to have been able to get all of the money that I invested in my
training the first week working the bar. Thank-you for providing me with skills and
opportunity for making all of this possible.
❖ C. Alberts – Cherry Hill, NJ

I found the course in Professional Bartending to both fun and instructive. The
teachers were very knowledgeable and really made learning easy. We did a
considerable amount of practice, but the hands-on mixing sessions was the most
interesting. It’s amazing how many different types of drinks a Professional
Mixologist must know. I’m pleased to say that all the work in class paid off.
I’ve been working at some vacation hot-spots in May’s Landing and really enjoying
myself. Thank-you for the fine training.
❖ K. Corr – Vineland, NY